Olivos Ruta del Sol

Olivos Ruta del Sol began with an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs—Pedro Hurtado, Samuel de la Sotta, Joaquín Holzapfel, Cristián Silva, and Cristián Swett—who wanted to participate in Chile’s emerging olive industry and decided to create a business project together. Captivated by the product’s benefits, they defined a common objective: to make top-rate extra virgin olive oil.

The project grew in challenges and ambitions, but always with the conviction that the only way to produce excellent olive oil was to commit to quality, even when that meant lower yields or higher production costs.

Located in a unique valley, with the best varieties of Spanish, Italian, and Greek olives, state-of-the-art technology, and a highly qualified team, Olivos Ruta del Sol is now a solid company with excellent principles and a product of tremendous quality—DELEYDA extra virgin olive oil, which now travels the world, taking a bit of Chile with it in every bottle.