It started as a small publication, but it has now become a competition that features its winners in the Italian guide Flos Olei, thus bringing together in the same text the best olive oils from around the world.

  • • 98 points in 2024, World Guide.
  • • 98 points in 2023, World Guide.
  • • 98 points in 2022, World Guide.
  • • 97 points in 2021, World Guide.
  • • 97 points in 2020, World Guide.
  • • 96 points in 2019, World Guide.
  • • 94 points in 2018, World Guide.
  • • Best Light Blend, 2018.
  • • 92 points in 2017, World Guide.
  • • 91 points in 2016, World Guide.
  • • 91 points in 2015, World Guide.
  • • 89 points in 2014, World Guide.
  • • 88 points in 2013, World Guide.
  • • 88 points in 2012, World Guide.
  • • 88 points in 2011, World Guide.
  • • 88 points in 2010, World Guide.
  • • 87 points in 2009, World Guide.

This prestigious American competition, which began on 2013, already took the place as one of the largest and most recognized worldwide, bringing together more than 700 oils from 25 countries.

  • • Gold Medal, 2019.
  • • Silver Medal, 2014.

The only international olive oil competition held in Greece, the Athens International Olive Oil Competition, began in 2015, and with its continuous growth, it is establishing itself on the radar of the most prestigious international competitions.

  • • Gold medal, 2023.
  • • Gold medal, 2022.

The first international competition of our neighbors, the Buenos Aires International Olive Oil Competition, was born in 2022 under the initiative of Juan José Soria, María Elina Buffa, and Daniela Hebilla. It is held once a year and is open to producers from all over the world.

  • • Gold medal, 2023.

First specialized publication born in Chile by two leading professionals in the national olive industry: Carola Dümmer and Alicia Moya.

In order to deliver a quality accreditation to consumers and guide them in their purchase choice, more than 59 extra virgin olive oils were selected in its first version of 2019.

  • •  Consolidated Producer Award, crowned with Deleyda Fine Selection among the Top 10 of the Guide.
  • • 2020: Deleyda Fine Selection: 97 points. Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chile
  • •  Deleyda Premium: 95 points. Second place in the Guide 2020
  • •  Deleyda Premium: 92 points Olive Guide 2019
  • •  Premium green chili pepper: flavored favorite of the category.

It began more than seven decades ago in Los Angeles, United States, by honoring the world’s best wines. Sixty years after, the founders joined AOVEs and the competition is today one of the largest in the country and world leader.

  • • Gold Medal, 2014- Category Robust
  • • Silver Medal, 2014 Category Medium.

Olive Oil Japan was born in 2012 with the aim of promoting extra virgin olive oil in the region.  Organized by the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (OSAJ), this contest has become an important reference today, gathering samples from different countries around the world.

  • • Silver medal, 2019.
  • • Silver medal, 2018.
  • • Silver medal, 2016.

This competition organized by the Enohobby Club has been held annually since 1999 to name award-winning Italian and international oils in Pesaro, Italy and is widely respected in Europe as well as the rest of the world.

  • • Bronce medal, 2012,- Category Fruttato Leggero.
  • • Silver Medal, 2011 – Category, Fruttato Leggero.

In order to promote the excellent olive quality of South America, the first version of the South American contest for extra virgin olive oils was held in Lima, Perú: SUDOLIVA 2017: Olivo de San Martín de Porres.

  • • Best Ripe Fruity in South America, 2017.

During 2014 in Santiago, Chile, the first version of this prestigious Italian competition was carried out, presenting only Southern Cone oils. It was led by Asociación Panel Cata Chile and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, through ProChile, FIA and Imagen de Chile. 70 countries assisted.

  • • Bronce Medal, 2014. 

Ovibeja, a major agricultural fair in Portugal, began in 2011 with the first edition of this international competition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which currently brings together once a year specialists from different countries. /

• Bronze Medal, 2014  – Category, light green fruit

This competition was born in order to recognize extra virgin olive oil excellence and quality in Latin America in 2013, led by the Center for Development Studies of Chemistry, University of Chile.  

  • • Gold Medal, 2014.  

The king of all olive oil competitions is held each year in Verona, Italy during the Vinitaly Fair. The prestigious Sol awards the best oils from among the more than 300 samples that participate each year.

  • • Gran Menzione, 2012 – Category, Fruttato Leggero.
  • • Grand Menzione 2010 – Category, Fruttato Medio.

This international competition has been held annually in Italy since 1987 to award the best extra virgin olive oils. The site alternates between Parma (during the CIBUS fair) and Bari (in the CIBUS-MED).

  • Special mention, 2012 – Legero category.

This L.A. fair is a reference in the United States, not only because of its history (October 1922); It is also the largest nationwide and receives more than one million visitors in each of its editions. Wine, gastronomy and of course olive oils are today´s highlights exhibitions.

  • • Bronze Medal, 2011 – Category, Medium Fruity. / Bronze Medal 2011 – Category, Delicate Fruity.

Organized by the International School of Italian Cooking in conjunction with olive oil organizations to promote harmony in food and olive oil pairings and awards the best examples in each hemisphere.

  • • Grand Mention, 2011 – Category, Fruttato Delicato.

Asias’ most important fair takes place in Beijing, China, where a parallel competition bestows awards upon the best olive oils in the world.

  • • Silver Medal, 2012 – Category, Light Fruity.
  • • Grand Mention, 2011 – Category, Light Fruity.
  • • Grand Mention, 2011 – Category, Medium Fruity.
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© Deleyda. Huerto El Cerrillo, camino a Peñablanca s/n.
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